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Mail Order Cakes

Mail Order Cakes

Many of the most special occasions in life, from birthdays and christenings to weddings and engagements, involve some sort of food preparation and consumption to mark the day, and using mail order cakes is a convenient and easy way of stocking the store cupboard ahead of a celebration.

Here at Country Farm Cakes, we offer a range of mail order cakes which can be delivered anywhere in the UK, to your home or to your office. We make all of our mail order cakes from scratch, using the very best quality ingredients available, and a great deal of love, care and attention goes into each mail order cakes order.

Our mail order cakes business is based in Surrey and all of our amazing mail order cakes are prepared using traditional family recipes which have been passed down through generations and generations. All of our mail order cakes are made in our converted barn and we are proud to focus on local and quality ingredients.

Those buying our mail order cakes will be able to easily taste the difference between our mail order cakes and shop bought options, and the superior flavour of our mail order cakes is achieved through the use of ingredients like top quality muscovado sugar, free range eggs, locally brewed ale and mead, English wine, premium dried fruits and English butter produced just around the corner.

Our rang of mail order cakes includes everyday cakes as well as beautiful fruit cakes, which are stuffed with great quality fruit and make a lovely centrepiece on a table of food at a celebration.

Every month we offer a special mail order cakes bake of the month, and one of our recent products was a delicious Sussex Countryman cake. Those buying this mail order cakes option will be amazed at the richness and quality of this cake, which is made using sultanas soaked in Madgwick Gold real ale, juicy dates, large pecans, free range eggs, spices, real English butter and muscovado cane sugar.

If you are interested in mail order cakes, come to us and check out our great range of affordable handmade mail order cakes.

Mail Order Cakes can be ordered on our site straight to your front door.CountryFarmCakes.co.uk provide a range of delicious Fruit Cakes - visit our website to see our selection and how to order!